Working with me brings clarity,
peace of mind, a sense of order,
plus the time and space for the rest
of your life to flow more easily.

I provide personalized organizing services and administrative management to individuals and small businesses.

I love helping people feel more in control of their lives. The overwhelming amount of information that most of us have in the form of paper, email, and task lists is just one way – but a major one for most of us – that we feel out of control.

Each of us has business to manage – whether you are the CEO of a large or small company, an entrepreneur for a creative venture, a consultant in the healing arts, the drive behind a tech start-up, a homemaker, a parent, or retired from work, the business of life needs to be handled.

That’s where I come in. Taking care of the incoming tide of mail, paperwork, financial records, tax documents, health insurance claims* often gets left undone. I help you figure out what’s essential and how to act on it. I guide you on what to keep, where to keep it, and for how long. Managing the process of paperwork (and helping you eliminate lots of it) frees you to conduct your life from a place of confidence and control.

*Just to name a few! What else is in your pile?

We all need a helping hand to manage the “business of life.”

“Susan is a non-judgmental organizer. Susan helps me focus and calms me down just by her presence. She has a no nonsense, “let’s get it done” attitude.”
— T.S. – Art Director / Berkeley

“Susan is smart, compassionate and motivated to get you where you need to go.”
— D.S. – Professional Organizer, colleague and contractor / Oakland