What I Do

Working with you to manage the Business of Life…because
we all can use a helping hand.

My clients’ needs cover the following items and more:


Bank account reconciliation – Online banking – Bill pay – Reports for your accountant
Let’s make getting prepared for tax time easier than ever. No more scary boxes and bags of receipts weighing you down.


The best description about organizing I’ve heard equates disorganization and clutter to unmade decisions. So getting organized is making decisions.

I work with you to build skills to learn and master the basic principles of order: Do I love it? Need it? Want it? Where does it live? How will I find it? Could I obtain another? Can I donate it? Recycle it? What needs to happen to it? Can I do it, or can I delegate it?

Seeing what flows in and what goes out. Having a handle on the big picture, so the little decisions can happen more easily.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution. There are time-tested practices, standard operating procedures, commonly accepted methods, financial necessities, and legal requirements. Also just ways we like to do things.

We design your work environment to accommodate your style, sensibly and aesthetically.


My favorite analogy for the process of organizing is gardening. It needs ongoing care and attention. Cycles of planting, weeding, and harvesting are necessary to reap the fruits of your bountiful life.

Ultimately, you set the pace. Together, we arrive at your goals. What needs doing? How do you want to live while this needs to be done?

“After just two visits, we made strides with my using Quickbooks. Now I am able to keep track of my finances and I have more knowledge of why items are categorized in certain ways.”
— C.P. – Liquor License Consultant / Oakland, San Francisco

“Susan helped me go through a ton of receipts from my relative’s estate so I could record the expenses. Then, she made it possible for me to file that tax return. She’s repeated those steps with me so I could file my personal tax return more easily.”
— D.L. – Publishing consultant / Berkeley